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Vibrant green sea glass almost revealing the word Canada

Reblogged - This is what it’s all about - glowing green sea glass at the beach

Holding the Green Sea Glass Fun Sun

Green Sea Glass Find - You are so beautiful. Happy 2012~

Green sea glass nugget found today!

green nugget on Flickr.

Simple sea glass necklace with black hemp cord and black clasp

sea glass on Flickr.

Blue and green sea glass nuggets resting on smooth stones

Reblogged: Beautiful sea glass ring

Reblogged: Beautiful sea glass ring

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oh if i had a nickel for every time i’ve collected sea glass. you kinda don’t have a choice when you live in maine. i remember one time i found a big piece of sea glass with a label on it from a company that doesn’t make glass bottles anymore. i felt pretty damn proud of myself.

A sea glass lovers paradise :) had to share